Peoples Dream is not a donation network or an online stokvel. Peoples Dream is a Digital Currency where money is generated from the purchase of coins the coins appreciate or depreciate in value when people buy and sell coins.

What is Peoples Dream

Peoples Dream is a peer-to-peer program were you buy Peoples Dream from 1 up to 2000 . The Peoples Dream value can grow at any time due to demand of the coin …when u buy Peoples Dream it will give you 80% a monthly compounding interest.

Understand the concept behind Peoples Dream

In its simplest form, a peer-to-peer (P2P) network is created when two or more PCs are connected and share resources without going through a separate server computer.

(Inspired by the same concept)— Peoples Dream is a PEER TO PEER network whereby all the participants who have willingly joined the community share the Peoples Dream amongst themselves with the purpose of adding value.

Peoples Dream founder has been inspired by peer-to-peer concept and decided to develop an idea that will not only share files, music etc. but utilize this concept in full benefit of people who are willing to do business online, as it is proven that people who succeed in every activities they perform are those who hold each other by hands and embark on a journey of the common objective.

As the world is shifting to digital world the idea of using peer-to-peer business wise is the concept that will be very effective and efficient to people who are involving themselves in online business, the idea also promotes the use of devices to make profit and your device should serve the purpose of the office use, work anywhere anytime become your own boss own your time.

Getting Started

It’s easy and straight forward, after you clicked registration and create your account, Each coin holds a value of P100 per coin, remember the more you holding is the more it gains value.

What Will Happen With Peoples Dream ?

  • Immediately you finish registering your Peoples Dream will start accumulating value up to 80% in 30 days
  • Start making money by registering at Peoples Dream
  • Once you Request to Buy Peoples Dream, you are only given 72 Hours to Deposit to a Member
  • Please lets Adhere to this Rules so that we must all benefit from Peoples Dream, No One must be left-out, You can also Refer to the table and see How much you can Profit from Peoples Dream.



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Financial Technological Networker , developing Crypto Currency Mining enthusiast , here in an African Continent !! A participant in various FinTech Platforms Local and Globally !!

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