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Valetta, February 25th 2018 – With FundFantasy’s presale having been sold out, and their public token sale coming up today, the FundFantasy project has made tremendous advancements, and have made some interesting changes to their bonus structure. The new model is simpler and is designed to avoid congestion on the Ethereum network.

FundFantasy is a Daily Fantasy Trading (DFT) Platform featuring peer-to-peer, blockchain-based, simulated investing contests that relies on real market data. Users on the FundFantasy platform compete for crypto and other prizes by trying to craft the ultimate portfolio. It bears some resemblance to the Daily Fantasy Sports industry, hence the name FundFantasy.

In contrast to other ICO’s, FundFantasy have already developed their MVP, and it is available to explore on the official FundFantasy website.

New bonuses:

  • First 48 hours –
    • 50% bonus for any purchase of 1 ETH and above (Presale investors of over 1 ETH will have their bonus updated to 50%).
    • 25% bonus for purchases over 0.1 ETH and under 1 ETH.
  • The full duration of the token sale – 50% bonus for any purchase over 100 ETH or equivalent in other currencies.


The FUNDZ token sale will start in less than 24 hours, on Sunday the 25th of February at 12:00pm GMT. The bonus period* will last 48 hours, here’s a list of local times:

  • Los Angeles – 04:00 (4am) local time
  • New York – 07:00 (7am) local time
  • Sao Paolo – 09:00 (9am) local time
  • London – 12:00 (12pm) local time
  • Paris – 13:00 (1pm) local time
  • Moscow – 15:00 (3pm) local time
  • Abu Dhabi  – 16:00 (4pm) local time
  • Tokyo – 21:00 (9pm) local time
  • Seoul – 21:00 (9pm) local time
  • Melbourne – 23:00 (11pm) local time

To participate, go to


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