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NEXUS Global is a new MLM business opportunity that focuses on Mining


We really like to welcome you at NEXUS Global. This company has been founded for one reason, to create a stable and long-term multi-level-marketing, which does not exclude anybody, doesn’t matter from which country, which level of society or from which financial  background somebody comes. The building of a healthy company culture is on our agenda the first topic par with economic success. We are acting worldwide on every continent. We are really looking forward to work with you!

NEXUS Global Board

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The Matching Bonus is paid weekly from the binary bonus of your downline.
But the downline needs to be from your self sponsored line.
The matching bonus is depend on the rank of the distributor. The higher the rank, the deeper the generation of earning. But it goes maximum to the 6th generation. The matching bonus is not capped.
NEXUS Ranks*
Bronze Silver Generation 1 Sapphire Generation 1+2 Ruby Generation 1+2+3 Emerald Generation 1+2+3+4 Diamond Generation 1+2+3+4 Double Diamond Generation 1+2+3+4+5 Triple Diamond Generation 1+2+3+4+5 Black Diamond Generation 1+2+3+4+5+6 Crown Diamond Generation 1+2+3+4+5+6

Including 7 additional Products, the Focus is not only on Mining but also scattered/diversified.

  • Mining (very high Hashrate Payout)
    – Own Exchange USD/GBP/EUR (Fiat in Crypto & Crypto in Fiat)
    – Cryptotrading (automated)
    – ICO/IPO (E-Sports-ICO / Cointed-ICO)
    – Cryptocasino
    – Binary options
    – Crypto Online Betting
    – Forex Trading (automated)
    – ESports


NEXUS Global is a new MLM company that offers 8 businesses on one platform.

The core business of NEXUS Global is Crypto Currency Mining. You can select from 12 very competitive BTC Mining packages.



Nexus Global just started

Registration Link

NEXUS Global

NEXUS Global will change the Market! Sustainable transparent Mining Company with the first worldwide MultiWallet — made in Germany!

Downloads file NEXUS Presentation…/1uG8XS4kyzwsl3t76jp1xIoqaIP…/view

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