Leverate-Powered Terrexa to Launch Service for Crypto Exchange

Terrexa’s users will be able to exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies directly through their personal wallets.

The crypto market continues to grow, fueled by a strong demand for blockchain solutions. This includes Terrexa, a freshly-launched blockchain company that constitutes one of the newest entrants into the cryptocurrency space. The group is powered by Leverate and will aim to enable users to exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies.

In particular, the new service will function under the brand name Terrexa and is owned and operated by a company called Prime Marshall. Terrexa is launching its new service through a high-end technological integration, that will be powered by financial technology and software provider Leverate.

Amir Haimpour, Senior Product Manager at Terrexa, told Finance Magnates that the company has placed a great deal of emphasis into creating a product that will provide the best possible user experience, which will make it easier to conduct transactions, as well as create a more enjoyable environment for users.

Commenting on the impending launch of the new service by Terrexa, Mr. Haimpour said: “cryptocurrencies have introduced the world to the inception of government-free currencies – an amazing achievement. This paved the way to facilitating a new, decentralized cross-border means of payments – the New Form of Money.”


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